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Dear automotive professionals,

Welcome to the brand new website of China Automotive Review!

We are bringing our “Wheels behind the wheels” motto on the coverage of the Chinese auto industry onto an all-new digital platform so that you can sign up and enjoy the same content that we have delivered through our print and e-newsletters/magazines over the last 23 years in a more digital and smarter way, a huge improvement from our existing website and complementing the e-newsletters or magazines.

Our aim is to provide you a seamless way of accessing the sights and sounds as well as intelligence of the Chinese auto industry through our first hand reporting and views, reviews and perspectives via a more dynamic format.

The website is divided into six sections:
Note: our chief editor’s personal editorial providing insights and perspectives on the hottest topics and events affecting the industry;

Feature: In-depth and at-length analysis of news and events involving big name manufacturers and laws & regulations shaping the industry, including interviews and summaries of conferences, seminars and auto shows globally and in China;

News: Shorter news reporting of events significant to the industry;

Spotlight: Photo news-style reporting of talk-of-the-industry news and invents;

Statistics: Monthly summaries of auto sales;

E Magazines: Our e-newsletters and magazines presented digitally (requires additional subscription)

Highlights of new functionalities:

  • We have uploaded more than 10,000 archived articles (going all the way back to 2005);
  • The content automatically adjust to the best viewing format whether you access it via your smart phone, tablet or laptop computer or any other viewing device;
  • Search by keyword is now smarter, faster and more relevant (e.g. you can search our archived articles by year and date);
  • Each article has links to relevant articles related to either the topic or subjects of the articles;
  • Leaving your comment is more interactive;
  • Each article has been tagged with the data and issue of newsletter/magazine with which it was published;

We hope you enjoy your experience here and that with our unique content, you can be at the “wheels behind the wheels” of the Chinese auto industry.


Thank You!


Lei Xing

Chief Editor

China Automotive Review